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This talk page is for reporting bugs and requesting features.

T1: I'm wanting to become an administrator and bureaucrat on Babel[edit]

Hi. I am asking to become Babel's administrator and bureaucrat because I want to fix all the damage JPLSilva has done and that's all I want to do (I am registered as Ahmed03). Thank you! 23:14, 12. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

T2: Make the default content model of all templates with a name like this: Template:X/y.css, or Module:X/y.css (on all Uncyclomedia projects), CSS[edit]

Hi. I want the default content model of all templates with the following names to be CSS:

  • Template:X/y.css
  • Module:X/y.css

Thanks! 00:47, 13. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

T3: Rhubella will NOT stop blocking me on all wikis[edit]

Hi. I am Ahmed03, and I’ve gotten globally blocked by Rhubella Marie. Could an admin help me? Thanks! 19:22, 14. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Don't fall for this trick Ahmed03  [ edit ]

Nice, my name is Dragomaniaco and I'm Brazilian, I wanted to warn you about this sugeito there, who has been persecuting and offending for several days JPLSilva after being banned (Ahmed03 ) for abuse, he is practicing this user stalking on all Wikis, any doubt confirm with "Rhubella Marie" the fact of this uncontrolled harassment that user is practicing. Usuário Anônimo 19:59, 15. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Well, first of all,
  • I know you are Drago, second:
  • You must unblock Ahmed03 and me on commons.uncyclomedia.org.

Thanks for understanding. If you don't, then I will report you here. 20:34, 15. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Feel free to report me, when your record goes down, you will be banned in this Wiki, because nobody here has the power to unban him you in Uncyclopedia.info, Carlb doesn't care about you and JPLSilva doesn't care about your cries. I just pity you for not seeing how immature you are. 21:20, 15. Sep. 2019 (UTC)
I never, ever, cry. 23:01, 15. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Look, boy. I never imagined that you would create a beautiful problem here. I'll give you a nice tip and maybe you realize the mistake you made.

  1. First, this wiki doesn't belong to UnMeta and so if you knew that you wouldn't be bothering us on UnMeta. Any request to run a wiki will be rejected at UnMeta as it is asking for something that cannot be done (we won't).
  2. Second, to say that JPLSIlva, me, Carlb or any other admin is bad and blocked you is utter nonsense. And we have proof of that. Each time you insist on it only makes your problem worse.
  3. And finally, I'm currently communicating to the real wiki bureaucrats by chatting about the mess you're making and I guarantee they weren't happy at all.

I suggest you change your diaper after shitting, baby! Rhubella Marie (Diskussion) 22:41, 15. Sep. 2019 (UTC)


T4: Rhubella is threatening to block me[edit]

If I don't identify myself in 6 hours, I could literally die! Help me! 02:21, 16. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

T5: Add cascading semi-protection on UnMeta[edit]

We want cascading semi-protection on UnMeta. That way, we can be the same as Meta. Thanks! 03:29, 16. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

I already warned you that this wiki does not belong to UnMeta and I am warning the person who has the same powers as Carlb to put an end to this here. Rhubella Marie (Diskussion) 17:02, 21. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

T6: Rhubella Marie is threatening to call the police[edit]

I am requesting that she does not threaten me. Seriously... RHUBELLA...STOP...IT...NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 01:03, 17. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

T7: It has been confirmed that JPLSilva is trying to win[edit]

JPLSilva is trying to win the game. He is doing very bad trouble, as we need protection templates for system messages, and that's unfortunate. We need them. As Carlb has done my replacement requests, I want him to give me administrator and bureaucrat rights to fix every damage to make JPLSilva lose. He should never learn to give JPLSilva admin rights when he requests it. 22:12, 18. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Chora mais que o pessoal daqui ainda achou pouco. Isso que é um bebê ficar brincando com o celular da mamãe a semana toda. Anônimo Troll BR 16:58, 19. Sep. 2019 (UTC)


T8: Pages labelled with {{page should be off limits}} should be fully protected[edit]

{{page should be off limits}} has the following code:

And it means pages tagged with this should be fully protected from editing (not this page). When they are, this message disappears. See Special:WhatLinksHere/Vorlage:Page should be off limits for more information. Thank you! Image import script (Diskussion) 19:11, 20. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

Please ask an administrator to verify the identity of this account as it is suspected to be a sock puppet of Ahmed03, user blocked on 6 wikis. Rhubella Marie (Diskussion) 17:04, 21. Sep. 2019 (UTC)
Rhubella, the Almighty forbade the Chairman to torment any soul, without first showing proof of guilt. The Almighty says secrecy rules do not apply in cases of spiritual custody, because they are not security matters. You are the chairman. 01:16, 22. Sep. 2019 (UTC)
IPs are not sockpuppets of logged in users. 18:34, 21. Sep. 2019 (UTC)

I referred to this account... idiot! Rhubella Marie (Diskussion) 05:43, 22. Sep. 2019 (UTC)
BIG IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) (pant) 17:37, 22. Sep. 2019 (UTC)