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Hello community,
I got a message from Aimsplode of If anyone wants to contribute, please do it here.

The original message:
Hi Zyniker, I'm a bureaucrat at Uncyclopedia and wanted to stop by and see if you folks were having any issues. I have heard there may be some problems with DPL not working properly, and possibly outdated interwiki links, among other things (such as the incorrect article count on your pain page). Let me know how you're doing and what we can do to help, or if this message would be better directed towards a different administrator. Thanks! :) Aimsplode (talk) 01:27 9 Juni 2019

If anyone wantss to contribute, please do it under the line -- Zyniker (Diskussion) 00:17, 9. Jun. 2019 (UTC)

Hi Aimsplode, there are in fact several Interwikis which arent working. Unfortunately no one here in this Wiki is really fit enough in phpp or has the time to learn it.
The counter shows only the amount of articles which were written since we moved to here. -- Zyniker (Diskussion) 00:17, 9. Jun. 2019 (UTC)

Hey Zyn! Thanks for moving this to the forum. I am working on our own interwiki links currently and intend to have them all pointing properly by the end of this week, perhaps sooner depending on how long it takes to reach out. Then, I will copy that list over here so the interwikis should be set.
As for the page count, that is an interesting issue indeed. I will have to poke around and see what I can do. Do you or your users use Discord? There is an UnMeta server for cross-language communication - we'd love to have you folks in it, and it would definitely make communication easier. Let me know if there are other issues and I can look into them as well. Aimsplode (talk) 01:27 9 Juni 2019
Hi again Aimsplode! No idea if someone here is using Discord. I don't use it (yet) and was a while out of anything here. Was more or less reactivated through the menacing extinction by Wikia. I'll check it out througout the next days (will be pretty busy). Greetings from the Midwest -- Zyniker (Diskussion) 02:26, 9. Jun. 2019 (UTC)